Green Star Professional Engineering Consultants

The Green Star rating system is an evaluation tool developed by the New Zealand Green Building Council to measure a building’s environmental qualities so that a prospective purchaser or tenant can be assured that a certain level of internal comfort, energy reduction and other efficiencies have been delivered. This process can either be implemented as part of a new build construction or during the retro-fit of an existing one. A building which has been through the rating process should deliver a significant reduction in operating costs. Prospective tenants are now demanding a higher standard of commercial building as they recognise that internal comfort increases staff productivity due to fewer hours lost in sick leave and absenteeism.

CORA has accredited Green Star professionals on its staff and recently completed the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s headquarters in Stout St, Wellington. The operating costs for this building are already proving the value of a building that has been designed with thermal comfort in mind. This building achieved a 5 Star Office Built rating and was awarded the Property Council’s Green Building Property Award for 2015.

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